Upgrade your game with our selection of used TaylorMade golf balls. Experience exceptional performance, distance, and control.

Which Used and Recycled TaylorMade Golf Ball Should You Buy?

TaylorMade offers a range of golf ball models that cater to different player preferences and playing styles. Whether you prioritize distance, control, or a balance of both, TaylorMade has options to suit your needs.

The TP5 Used Golf Ball

The TaylorMade TP5 golf ball is designed for exceptional performance and versatility. The five-layer construction delivers impressive distance, precise control, and enhanced greenside spin.  An ideal choice for players who seek a balanced combination of distance and feel on the course.

The TP5X Used Golf Ball

The TaylorMade TP5X golf ball is a five-layer ball designed to emphasize maximum distance and a firmer feel than the TP5, while providing more greenside spin and control for your short game.

The PIX TP5/TP5X Used Golf Ball

The PIX design of TP5 and TP5X models uses 12 evenly spaced graphics to enhance visibility while significantly aiding in alignment on the putting green. 

The TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball

The Tour Response is a 3 piece mid-compression golf ball with a urethane cover. It offers the perfect balance of long game distance and short control, ideal for mid-handicappers.

The TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball

The Soft Response is a 3 piece ball designed to boost ball speed for slower swing speeds.  Available in multiple colors, the Soft Response is easy to track in the air and in the rough making it ideal for seniors.

The TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Ball

The Distance+ ball is a distance golf ball, providing a mid-height launch.  Players can expect a soft feel and mid-high wedge spin at a value price point.  One of the best values and options for
distance for high handicappers.

The TaylorMade Project (A) Golf Ball

The Project (A) is designed to provide a great balance of distance, feel, and greenside control, while delivering consistent performance at an affordable price, making it a solid choice for golfers of all skill levels.

Why Buy Used Golf Balls?

Whether you call them used, recycled, lost, or found, buying pre-owned golf balls can save you money without compromising on performance.
Our Mint golf balls have the performance and appearance of new balls while our Near-Mint balls may have tiny scuffs or imperfections that don't affect performance. Buying used balls is a cost-effective way to play your favorite models or step up to a more premium ball without breaking the bank.