Lower your score with our used Titleist golf balls, including the legendary Pro V1. Enjoy premium performance, distance, and control.

Which Used and Recycled Titleist Golf Balls are Right for You?

Titleist is the No.1 golf ball brand in the world, but which model is best for you?

Used Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

The 3-piece urethane covered ball is for players who want more consistency and distance.  The Pro V1 produces a mid-height flight, with a soft feel, mid-level long-game spin and a high level of short game spin. 

Used Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

The 4-piece urethane covered ball for players seeking higher flight and a slightly firmer feel than the Pro V1 with similar short game spin levels. 

Used Titleist AVX Golf Balls

This 4-piece urethane ball’s name hails from it being an alternative to Pro V1/Pro V1X. Still every bit a premium golf ball, it differs from the Pro V1 series by being lower spinning, lower launching and softer feeling.

Used Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls

A 3-piece urethane covered all-around ball that has a tour-like feel at a reasonable price.  The Tour Speed model provides exceptional distance, lower spin and similar feel to the premium models.

Used Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

A 2-piece ball that generates a long and strong ball flight with a T shaped stamp to help with alignment on the greens and tees.  Highly ranked for senior golfers

Used Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

A 2-piece reasonably priced ball designed to generate long, straight shots.  Available in multiple matte colors, this ball is all about explosive distance through high speed, high launch and low long game spin.

Used Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

The 4-piece TruFeel is ideal for slower to average swing speed players who prefer a soft feel and sound at a good price point. With multiple colors available, this is one of the best golf balls for higher-handicappers and newcomers to the game.

Why Buy Used Golf Balls?

Whether you call them used, recycled, lost, or found, buying pre-owned golf balls can save you money without compromising on performance. Our Mint golf balls have the performance and appearance of new balls while our Near-Mint balls may have tiny scuffs or imperfections that don't affect performance. Buying used balls is a cost-effective way to play your favorite models or step up to a more premium ball without breaking the bank.